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Welcome to our webpage, have a look around! If you have any further questions please feel free to call us at (727)723-1000. We love music, teaching it, with plenty of passion, skill and excellence as you soon will find out!!    :)

Musicology helps musicians of all levels develop through excellence in teaching. Our instructors deliver top-notch instruction through the study of music. Instructors at Musicology approach the study of music with professionalism, passion, and playfulness, to help the student develop in a structured, yet enjoyable way that can bring about or further their passion for music.

“WHERE THERE IS NO CULTURE CREATE YOUR OWN” Marty Morell (drummer with the legendary Bill Evans trio)

Located in Clearwater, FL, Musicology is one of the finest centers for musical learning in the Tampa Bay area.

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7/14/2014:Musicology’s School of Rock Boot camps In Session!!!!

 We started out this Monday morning. The newly formed 6 member band had a blast today working hard and rehearsing Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Californication” and made it through the whole tune!!! After a full and intense morning, the students have all the riffs and chords down for the tune’s intro, verse, chorus and bridge/solos!!! The students were also introduced to the musical principle/concept of: rehearsal letters, cueing sections in ensembles, as well as learning hand signals for navigating/communicating to a band as an Musical Director. The kids still had time for some intense Fuss-ball action in the end of the day :)  Tomorrow the class will be learning two new songs: “Wonderwall” by Oasis and Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock N’ Roll”. ROCK ON PEEPS AND WORK HARD, IT PAYS OFF!!!


6/24/2014: Still a few openings for School of Rock Boot camps this summer!! Call us for more information. Super fun class and a lot of principles music ingested that week!! Still a few spots available for the weeks  7/14 to 7/18 and 8/11 to 8/15  (drum spots filled for both camps, but still room for other instrumentalist and singers).

6/14/2014: Hey guys, happy summer to all!!! What are you doing this summer with all that extra time? Why not move your music and craft to the next level? Why not start taking those music lessons you always said you/ your child wanted to take? There is no better day than today to move things forward both musically and personally!!! AND GOOD NEWS, MUSICOLOGY CAN HELP!!! WITH ONE THE STRONGEST TEACHING FACULTIES IN THE TAMPA BAY AREA, WE CAN HELP FROM THE VERY BEGINNER, TO THE ADVANCED PLAYER NEEDING MORE KNOWLEDGE, SKILL AND INSPIRATION!!! CHECK US OUT, COME EXPERIENCE WHAT QUALITY INSTRUCTION LOOKS LIKE AND SEE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING FIRST LESSON IS ON US!! CALL MUSICOLOGY @ (727)723-1000. NOW DOING SKYPE LESSONS TOO!!

5/6/2014: School of Rock weekly bootcamps this summer!!! For more info call us at (727)723-1000.

4/1/2014:Settling in at our new home in The Kapok Gardens. if you didn’t we have moved! Musicology proudly has partnered up with the Players School of Music and as result moved our location.Expect many exciting collaborations in the near future!!

Happy New Year from Musicology, we are now officially in 2014!!


“Most of us want to practice the things we’re already good at, and avoid the things we suck at. We stay average or intermediate amateurs forever”.



“If you aim for nothing you will hit it every time” (Zig Ziglar)

“The definition of insanity: doing the same things you have

always done and expecting different results” (Unknown)

If you are ready to make some musical leaps in your skills and ready do some consistent work, give us a call. Musicology has one of the strongest faculty’s in the Tampa Bay Area.

Our teachers are passionate, competent, nice and real playas!! If you are looking for quality instruction from ‘triple black belt’ instructors, you have reached your final destination!! Please call us for any questions and to schedule a free trial lesson!! (727)723-1000

How To be An Expert



We hope everybody has had a wonderful summer, had time for fun, rejuvenation and family time. Back to school and the schedules! Summer was great here at Musicology we taught some School of Rock 1-week intensives as well as a brand new 1-week guitar intensive “A Pro-players Practice Requirements” that was well received and the students learned a bunch! Be on the lookout for School Of Rock Fall classes and a mini guitar intensive  and a concert at the Dunedin Brewery. Stay tuned!

Quick note: if you took a break over summer, hurry up and sign back up for lessons with your teacher to secure your time slot. Spots will quickly get filled up between Sept and October.


Musicology 1 week Guitar Intensive


 “A pro players practice requirements”  Monday August 5th to  Friday  August 8th. 

This is a brand new class and curriculum written by Musicology’s owner and professional guitarist Peter Mongaya (to read up on his extensive bio: go to “instructors” on our website). This class is with the serious student in mind. We will be exploring topics that any serious pro guitarist needs to have in his/her ‘tool-belt’Topics explored in this one week intensive include:
  • Understanding and utilizing Modes
  • Soloing over chord changes
  • Chord-tone soloing
  • Pentatonics
  • Sight-reading
  • Time-Feel
  • Legato playing
  • Alternate picking
  • Triads Closed/Spread
  • Chord explorations (Drop 2, Drop 3, 4th voicing)
  • Practicing tips (how to practice effectively)
  • Metronome practicing
  • Voice-leading
  • Crafting good guitar tone: understanding effects and guitar tone
  • Picking technique
  • Sweep picking
  • Classical etudes

This will be an exciting and very informative class!! The information taught in this class should keep us all off the streets for a while!!  :)

Level: Intermediate and advanced students only, please contact us for more questions. This class will be taught daily from 9am to 1pm. Class cost is $275   

Have a wonderful summer and keep practicing!!!!


Here are 6 quick tips to help you succeed in your musical endeavors in 2013:  

  • 1.    Set a goal

    Notice I said a goal. It’s difficult to focus on too many different things at once, so just choose a few at a time. You want to be specific and realistic about your goals and focus on the process.

    For practicing, you could bump up your practicing from 4 to 5 sessions a week. To accelerate the post-holiday get back into the “shed” process, you can commit yourself to 2 to 3 interval 15 minute sessions daily five days a week for 12 weeks. Practicing in small 15 minutes blocks helps you focus and retain the information you are working on. Also, instead of thinking of practicing as a once a day event, pick it up when you have a few extra minutes (between commercials, while in the bathroom LOL etc.). Just five more minutes a day adds up:  365 days x 5 minutes= 1825 extra minutes a year or  30 extra hours of time on the instrument pr. year.

    2.    Set small weekly goals that will build up and lead you to a larger goal 

    Small successes are crucial to keeping you on track; reaching each weekly goal will encourage you to set and achieve more goals. Instead of learning the whole piece what about just taking the first 4 bars or 8 bars? Working though a tune in this simple manner will help you grow much more confident and will make you sound stronger faster.

    3.    Keep your head in the game 

    Think about your goals daily. Keep a practice log. Write down what you are working on and how long on the log (just ask for a log next time you are at Musicology and place on your fridge/your computer/your practice area.

    4.    Find a musician/artist/person who inspires you

    If you want to achieve something, find someone who has already done it and use that person’s accomplishments as inspiration.

    5.    Get excited about starting your goal

    The best way to get excited about achieving your goals is to plan out the process. Work out all the details on a calendar. Get excited about the start date and make sure you are prepared and ready to begin.

    6.    Practice SLOWLY 

    When learning new material practice slowly, even out of time if necessary. Remember practice does not make  perfect, practicing makes permanent . So when practicing the old adage ‘Measure twice, cut once’ rings very true indeed. Do not ‘perform’ instead learn the exercise/passage thoroughly (practice), then speed will not be an issue. Playing fast just means you know something really well :)

    HAPPY PRACTICING in 2013, let us work hard and kill it this year!! 

12/10/2012: GIVE THE GIFT OF MUSIC THIS CHRISTMAS. An experience is worth more than any material object…. :) Call us about gift certificates (727) 723-1000. First lesson is on us!!  Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013 from Musicology. We will be closed after Saturday December 22nd and lessons resume Monday January 7th 2013. 

10/15/2012: Watch our teachers pianist Bill Vasilev, drummer Pat Close and guitarist Peter Mongaya perform at the Clearwater Jazz Holiday Saturday 10/20/2012. Bill will be performing at 3.45PM w.  El Nino Garcia and the Latin Knights. Peter will be performing w. Pat’s group: Pat Close and the Groove at 2PM!!! 

Cave Dwellers Wednesday 10/17/2012 9PM. The legends of the Tampa Bay area are ready to throw down again. If you want to hear music at it’s highest level this is it!!  Dave Reinhardt: drums, Ron Reinhardt: keys, Steve Petrey: guitar and Tim George: bass  



Class I: ROCK/FUNK/JAZZ/INDIE/EMO LABS, please call for more info (727)723-1000

We are proud to announce that our highly anticipated Musicology School of Rock  are now signing up students for Winter 2013, so hurry up and secure your spot!  Classes will be taught Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings and afternoons. R U READY 4 THE MUSICOLOGY SCHOOL OF ROCK CHALLENGE? WE ARE READY FOR YOU!! :)  GIVE US A CALL (727)723-1000

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Please contact lab teachers Peter Mongaya or Ben Plott for further info at

P.S: If the student is NOT currently enrolled at Musicology please call to setup an audition.

Class II Praise and Worship

In this class we’ll explore how to play with excellence in the Praise and Worship setting. Psalms 33:3 says: “Play skillfully ” and in this lab we’ll will show you how! We’ll explore different topics and principles that’ll teach you how to play more musically and maturely in a the Praise and Worship band setting. We’ll also talk about each instruments role and how to “flow”. Entire church bands are very welcome for this class. Bands will perform on our following Praise and Worship night. Church musicians: the church desperately needs better musicians and better musicianship. We as musicians have responsibility to continually work on our craft and give our Out most to His Highest. Stop the mediocrity and further the excellence!


Hurry and sign up today!

Level: Intermediate

Please contact lab teacher Peter Mongaya for further info at

P.S: If the student is NOT currently enrolled at Musicology please call to setup an audition.


Check Back Regularly!

There’s always something hip going on at Musicology! Whether its a Jazz or Blues Jam Session, Student Recitals, School of Rock/Jazz/Funk/Indie/Emo Labs, Clinics, or Praise and Worship Night – there’s always something for a musician to be inspired by.