Musicology Praise and Worship night video clip

Musicology "Praise and Worship Nights" from Musicology Tampa Bay on Vimeo.

Musicology Praise and Worship Nights every 4th Friday of the month. Come out and hang out for a sonic-ambient-improvised-thankful-groove-rockin’-beautiful-etheral-r&b-gospel-drum n’ bass night of music! Musicology Praise and Worship is all about playing upward and finding the Zone! Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Cool hang, cool people, cool and positive vibe!! Video recorded@ Musicology Praise and Worship night February 2009.

John Wilds: Lead Vocals, Keys
Kalisha Pupello: Lead Vocals
Jeremy Powell: Saxophone
Sam Martinez: Bass
Rachel Pullen: Background vocals
Peter Mongaya: Guitar
Chris Spencer:Drums

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