Feb 4


Hey Musicologists!!!

We are excited to announce that Musicology is moving to a new location at the end of February.  Our old lease has expired, and it is time to move on to greater things!

Musicology opened it’s doors at our current location on 2576 Sunset Point Road in the tender Spring of 2006. We have many fond memories so far, and here are some highlights of what we have all been a part of accomplishing thus far:
  • We have served and taught well beyond 1000 students since 2006.
  • We have musically inspired and ignited countless people, equipped their hands, ears and minds to the vastness and beauty of music, making them lifelong fans and participants of music!
  • We have proudly equipped and sent off numerous students to some of the worlds most prestigious music colleges: Berklee School of Music, Belmont, UCLA, Columbia Music School Chicago, Manhattan School of Music, University of Miami, University of North Florida, Players School of Music, etc. The Musicology alumni accomplishments are getting more and more impressive each year, still waiting for our first Julliard attendee… :)
  • Musicology has held lots of awesome and memorable concerts and benefits, hosted legendary jam sessions, and delivered inspiring workshops.
  • Musicology has organized and completed countless School of Rock bootcamps and courses that have ignited a new generation of musicians and performers through an ensemble-type setting.
  • We have hosted numerous rockin’ School of Rock concerts in our local communities including, the Safety Harbor 1st Friday series and The Dunedin Brewery as well as at our own location.
  • Musicology also started offering Skype lessons in 2013 and now teaches students as far away as Miami, South Carolina, and Nashville.
  • Musicology is proud to be an important hub and breeding ground for the cultivation of great music and the furthering of a musical culture in the Tampa Bay area, and we look forward to continuing this legacy in partnership with our Musicology students and families at our new location!!
  • Our new location is only a little over a 5-minute drive from our current location. You will love the gorgeous historic Kapok Garden (pictured below) through which you meander to enter our building.   The physical address of our new location is: 923 N. McMullen Booth Road, located in the Kapok Pavilion behind Sam Ash (not in Sam Ash nor are we affiliated with Sam Ash in any capacity).  We will be utilizing the Players School of Music facility, which is located through the garden area on the south and east side of of the Kapok Pavilion’s parking lot.  Drive to the back of the building and enter in through the garden area.  This building sits on the east side of McMullen Booth and is just north of Drew street, south of Ruth Eckerd Hall…if you pass Ruth Eckerd Hall, you went too far.
    We are really excited about this move and starting this new chapter of our journey as we continue to help equip you along your musical journey.  If you have any further questions feel free to ask Meghan or any of the Musicology teachers when you are in for your weekly lessons, or give us a call anytime.
    Thanks again for being a part of our unfolding story. We are thankful for each of you and feel privileged to serve you.
    Musically yours,
    The Musicology Team
    P.S: We just purchased a Foosball table too for our new reception area :)  Let the epic battles begin…. 
    “Where there is no culture create your own” Marty Morell (drummer with the legendary Bill Evans trio) 
  • Jan 18

    Peter Mongaya is now accepting a limited amount of advanced students/players!!

    Guitar instructor Peter Mongaya is now accepting a limited amount of advanced students/players. If you are serious about improving your guitar craft and musical skills in 2014, Peter will be able to help take you to the next level!!

    Lessons may include:
    change playing (playing over changes), jazz comping, triads: spread/close, 3 parent scales/21 modes, 24x 7th chords (Drop2, Drop 3, Drop 2&4, Drop 2&3 ,Double Drop 2&3, 4way close etc. ) approach notes, Konokol (indian rhythm’s/odd time playing), rhythm guitar funk, jazz guitar, modern fusion guitar, outside playing, legato playing, sweep picking, advancing pentatonic concepts, fingerpicking, sight-reading, alternate tunings, jazz improv, time-feel studies, gospel and r&b guitar, praise and worhip guitar, rock soloing, advanced harmony, composition/songwriting, reharmonization techniques etc.

    Whatever you are in to 

    P.S: If you are gearing up for Music College Auditions/ applying for Scholarships in 2004-2006 give us a call. Peter’s former students have gone unto top music schools such as Berklee School of Music, UCLA, Bellmont University, Lee University, University of Miami, University of North Florida, University of South Florida, and Manhattan School of Music etc.

    Lessons w. Peter via SKYPE are now available too!!!!

    CALL US AT (727)723-1000 to set up a FREE TRIAL LESSON we will have some fun and you will get better in the process 

    Sep 5

    Peter Mongaya is heading out on the road!!

    For all you that don’t know our teacher and owner Peter Mongaya, aside from being a great teacher, Peter is also a national level professional guitarist who plays with various artists as a sideman. Peter is going on a mini tour with international recording artist/ saxophonist Euge Groove this upcoming week. They will be playing various places, which him luck!

    September 12
    New York, NY
    September 13
    Alexandria, VA
    September 14
    Annapolis, MD
    September 15
    Euge Groove Goes Back to School
    South Hagerstown High Auditorium
    Hagerstown, MD
    October 6
    New Brunswick, NJ



    Jul 2

    Musicology School of Rock classes and 1-week long Guitar intensive!!!

    Hey Musicologists,

    Summer is in full bloom in Florida: Rain, rain and more rain!!

    We hope you are having a great summer filled with great times with family, hopefully some well needed vacation, and enjoying all this rain!

    Anyway, just updating you guys on what is happening here at Musicology this summer:

    • Musicology School of Rock labs
    • 1-week Guitar Intensive “A pro players practice requirements”


    The Musicology School of Rock lab: is one week boot camp teaching students how to play successfully in a band. These music principles and curriculum taught this week are lessons we have learned the hard way as pro musicians :) The students will learn A LOT this week. A minimum of three songs will be learned and performed(intros, verse, chorus, bridge, solos etc.)  Classes will be taught daily M-Th 9am to 1pm  and Friday is an full day which includes a recording session (involving the band’s best song) as well as finishing up the week with a intimate concert for friends and family at Musicology. The whole week cost is $275 which is a STEAL considering it includes a recording session too!! Dates are:






    For more questions please give us a call at (727)723-1000

    1-week Guitar Intensive “A pro players practice requirements”: This is a brand new class and curriculum written by Musicology’s owner and professional guitarist Peter Mongaya (to read up on his extensive bio: go to “instructors” on our website). This class is with the serious student in mind. We will be exploring topics that any serious pro guitarist needs to have in his/her ‘tool-belt’

    Topics explored in this one week intensive include:

    • Understanding and utilizing Modes
    • Soloing over chord changes
    • Chord-tone soloing
    • Pentatonics
    • Sight-reading
    • Time-Feel
    • Legato playing
    • Alternate picking
    • Triads Closed/Spread
    • Chord explorations (Drop 2, Drop 3, 4th voicing)
    • Practicing tips (how to practice effectively)
    • Metronome practicing
    • Voice-leading
    • Crafting good guitar tone: understanding effects and guitar tone
    • Picking technique
    • Sweep picking
    • Classical etudes

    This will be an exciting and very informative class!! The information taught in this class should keep us all off the streets for a while!!  :)

    Level: Intermediate and advanced students only, please contact us for more questions. This class will be taught daily from 9am to 1pm. Class cost is $275   Date is:


    Have a wonderful summer and keep practicing!!!!

    God bless,


    Jan 8

    6 quick tips to help you succeed musically in 2013:

    Here are 6 quick tips to help you succeed in your musical endeavors in 2013:  

    1.    Set a goal     

    Notice I said a goal. It’s difficult to focus on too many different things at once, so just choose a few at a time.You want to be specific and realistic about your goals and focus on the process. For practicing, you could bump up your practicing from 4 to 5 sessions a week. To accelerate the post-holiday get back into the “shed” process, you can commit yourself to 2 to 3 interval 15 minute sessions daily five days a week for 12 weeks. Practicing in small 15 minutes blocks helps you focus and retain the information you are working on. Also, instead of thinking of practicing as a once a day event, pick it up when you have a few extra minutes (between commercials, while in the bathroom LOL etc.). Just five more minutes a day adds up: 365 days x 5 minutes= 1825 extra minutes a year,or 30 extra hours of time on the instrument pr. year.

    2.    Set small weekly goals that will build up and lead you to a larger goal 

    Small successes are crucial to keeping you on track; reaching each weekly goal will encourage you to set and achieve more goals. Instead of learning the whole piece what about just taking the first 4 bars or 8 bars? Working though a tune in this simple manner will help you grow much more confident and will make you sound stronger faster.

    3.    Keep your head in the game 

    Think about your goals daily. Keep a practice log. Write down what you are working on and how long on the log (just ask for a log next time you are at Musicology and place on your fridge/your computer/your practice area.

    4.    Find a musician/artist/person who inspires you

    If you want to achieve something, find someone who has already done it and use that person’s accomplishments as inspiration.

    5.    Get excited about starting your goal

    The best way to get excited about achieving your goals is to plan out the process. Work out all the details on a calendar. Get excited about the start date and make sure you are prepared and ready to begin.

    6.    Practice SLOWLY 

    When learning new material practice slowly, even out of time if necessary. Remember practice does not make  perfect, practicing makes permanent . So when practicing the old adage ‘Measure twice, cut once’ rings very true indeed. Do not ‘perform’ instead learn the exercise/passage thoroughly (practice), then speed will not be an issue. Playing fast just means you know something really well :)

    HAPPY PRACTICING in 2013, let us work very hard and kill it this year!! 

    Dec 10

    Gift certificates great gift idea!!! Musicology closed from December 12th till January 7th 2013

    GIVE THE GIFT OF MUSIC THIS CHRISTMAS. An experience is worth more than any material object…. :) Call us about gift certificates (727) 723-1000. First lesson is on us. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013 from Musicology.

    Musicology will be closed after December 22. Classes will start up again January 7th 2013. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! Looking forward to 2013, let’s make some great music people…….